Friday, June 10, 2011


I once was lost but now I'm found. - Anna Marie

I don't know where she was.  I don't know where she came from.  She just appeared as quickly as she disappeared.  We are happy she is safe!

Crazy Like a Chicken

I haven't written in a while.  I hate being repetitive so I've taken a bit of a break.  But I have some chicken craziness to talk about.

As you know, this winter/early spring we lost our chicken Amy Jo to an unfortunate accident.  We decided to replace her and go 2 new chickens, Cindy Lou and Ginny Lee.

Here's Ginny Lee.  She's kind of shy and won't come out of the coop unless you are far away.

The adjustment was going well.  Ginny Lee and Cindy Lou hang out together and our older black chickens Sadie Mae and Peggy Sue hang out together.  All was good in chicken world.

Then there was another incident.  Peggy Sue broke her leg.  We aren't really sure how it happened but she did.  And there is no way we could fix it.  We offered her to Ryan's coworker who works on a farm to eat.  He came and got her one evening.  In hopes that it wouldn't be too traumatic on Ainsley we told her that the chicken was going to live with God. (I know this theology is wrong and we will correct it eventually, but she's 2.)  When they came to pick her up, we put her in box and nicely said goodbye.  Ainsley later asked me why the man took our chicken if she was going to live with God.  I told her she needed some help in getting there.  That is when Ainsley responded with this classic line.  "Is he going to take her to Sunday School?"  Even now when we pass church on our way home from my nanny's house, she still says something about the chicken living there.  Ooops.  But I love the hearts of children.

Here is mother hen Sadie Mae and little chicken Cindy Lou.

Surprisingly Sadie Mae did not take Peggy Sue's departure well.  She was making tons of noise and looking for her daily.  So we decided to replace her too.  On Tuesday we picked up Anna Marie.  She is another black chicken.  When we brought her home she was scared of her new environment, which we thought was normal.  Sadie Mae just ignored her.  Ginny Lee and Cindy Lou were not so nice.  They would chase her around the coop and peck her until everyone was so tired they just went to sleep.

In order to spare Anna Marie some pecking, we let them loose in the yard.  Last night we were late in getting Ainsley to bed and by the time Ryan went out to put Anna Marie in the coop (the rest go on their own), she was gone.  He looked for her for a half an hour.  And then I looked for her for 20 minutes.  She's gone.  We have looked in every bush and under the deck.  She's just gone.  We thought she would come out this morning.  Nope.  Still missing.

Here is all we have left of Anna Marie right now.  A filthy box.

To Be Continued...
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