Thursday, October 31, 2013

Seek First His Kingdom

The diagnosis of potentially high risk twins threw me into a loop of worry and fear.  I was not letting myself attach to these precious babies in my womb.  I was so scared something was going to happen to them and was trying to guard myself against unpredictable hurt.

During that first week there was just so many things going through my head.  Trying to figure out if we quickly try to sell our 3 bedroom house for something bigger.  Trying to figure out how I nurse 2 babies at once.  Worrying about how much more my other children will need from me so they don't feel left out.  But we had 3 major things going through our heads.

First, the risk of miscarriage was still high.  We had that weird blood work  and the risks are just higher with twins.  Having been through a miscarriage before, the thought never leaves your head. 

And then I have spent way too much time researching the ins and outs of identical twins.  Google can be a blessing and a curse.  I began to play probabilities in my head.  The possibility of them being in one sac is just frightening and overwhelming. 

Thirdly, we were not planning on this pregnancy so we did not have maternity coverage.  I do have regular insurance and was planning on picking up maternity coverage at the first of the year.  But that leaves me with roughly 60 days worth of uncovered expenses.  With a normal pregnancy, this wouldn't have been a big deal.  We could have floated a couple of appointments and made it not a problem.  But with these potentially high risk twins, that's not the case.

So fear and worry began to camp out in my soul.  I cried easily.  I was just so anxiety ridden.  I called in a couple of friends to pray for me.  And God has worked in mighty ways in just a few days. 

My fear of miscarriage was probably the top of my list.  I have friends that get so sick when they are pregnant that they have no doubt that things are going well.  I on the other hand usually just feel a little off.  I specifically asked my friends to pray that I would have some physical sign that things were going well.  Literally hours after I asked them to pray for that, I was stricken by a general queasiness, nothing debilitating, but enough to know it was there.  And then there is my stomach.  Being a 3rd pregnancy and the fact that I've recently lost weight, I started showing early.  And the twins really really make a difference.  Here I am at not even 7 weeks.
My fear over the finances was taking a hold of me too.  These ultrasounds that I am going to need are going to be expensive.  And God is working here too.  He put in my path a friend of mine who actually works at the health department.  Without going into the complicated process and details of "the system", I can just tell you that God is working this out perfectly.  I have people holding my hand and leading me through this process.  

The final fear of them being in one sac was I think the most debilitating.  I turned away from Google and turned to the Word.  And like God promises, He used it in mighty ways to speak to me personally.  In Sunday school, we were talking about the Lord's prayer.  The class is taking the prayer line by line.  Since I spend every other week in the nursery, I usually miss a good bit of Sunday school.  But I was there to hear about "Your kingdom come, Your will be done."  And I was struck by how I was looking for MY kingdom and MY will.  I was having an especially hard day on Monday and so I sat down to do my BSF homework.  It brought me right back to the Lord's Prayer and to Matthew 6.  Tears were streaming down my face as God spoke to me personally through His word.  I surrendered my fear and felt a giant weight lifted from my shoulders.  I just can't explain this supernatural peace that God gave to me.  All I can say is that the Holy Spirit is at work in mighty ways.

Sitting here today at almost exactly 1 week out from the beginning of this whirlwind ride, I am struck by how much God is working.  And despite the constant fear that probably won't ever go away until the day that I die, these twins are His.  Whether I get to keep them for 7 weeks or 100 years, God only knows.  God made them and He made them for Ryan and me to care for.  And no matter how much I try to guard myself, I cannot stop the love that God has already given me for these 2 precious babies. 

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of it's own.  Matthew 6:33-34

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Say What?!?!

It's been a week.  A week I will never forget.  A week that deserves to be the fresh start of this blog. 

Ryan and I have been talking about having a third child.  We have weighed all the things that go into that decision:  the house, the schooling, my age, etc.  It's a complex decision.  I always felt like there were a million reasons why we should stay at 2 kids and yet there was something in my heart that was pulling me to have just one more. 

We hadn't fully made the decision to go for a 3rd when on a whim I took a pregnancy test.  Low and behold, we didn't have a decision to make.  I was already pregnant.  We were ecstatic and were immediately talking of a new house and how we just couldn't decide if we wanted a boy or a girl.  Things were looking good. 

Because I didn't really know when my last month's period was, I didn't really know how far along I was.  This all happened because I was weaning David and messed my cycle up.  The plan was to take some blood work and make sure I was far enough that we would see something on an ultrasound. 

So we took blood work on Tuesday and then again on Thursday.  HCG numbers are supposed to roughly double during a 48 hour period of time.  The midwife called me on Thursday and said my numbers had gone slightly down and that I should come to the hospital for an ultrasound. 

I knew what this meant.  I was headed down the road of another miscarriage. 

I called Ryan and he came home from work.  The kids went to Grandma's house and we somberly checked into the ER.  I wasn't a wreck but I was very sad.  I just knew we had lost the baby.  My first thoughts were making sure we got a D&C this time because I wasn't going to go through what I went to last time. 

We sat in the triage room for what felt like forever.  They finally brought us back to ultrasound.  The ultrasound tech informed us that she was legally not allowed to tell us anything so just sit back and relax.  The room was dark and quiet.  I was crying off and on.  Ryan held my hand.  We couldn't see the screen.  We just looked at each other and tried to make light hearted conversation.

We finished up and I scrubbed all the ultrasound gel off.  We walked back to the ER and waited some more.  I just wanted this to be over.  I wanted to rip the band aid off and be done with this whole horrible experience. 

The nurse came in to check on us and asked what was taking so long.  She pulled up the ultrasound pics on the computer in the room.  She called Ryan over and said, do you see what I see?  Ryan has never been good with ultrasounds so he had no idea what he was looking at.  She said I think I see 2 babies with 2 heartbeats.  He looked at me and I just said "Oh Sh!t". 

And just like that she left the room and told us to hold on she would see what was taking so long.  Ryan and I looked at each other and just said "What just happened?"  But there was still probably something wrong so we shouldn't get our hopes up.  This next 20 minutes of waiting seemed to take forever.  Was it twins?  Were they ok?  What was going on?

The midwife did come back in eventually and told us that yes indeed we were pregnant with twins and they both look great.  She has no explanation for my HCG levels.  But these identical twins were doing great. 

We talked about the different types of twins and the chances of these babies being in one sac (Mono/Mono).  We were on our way into a potentially very high risk and scary pregnancy.  We were told to go home and rest and get checked with our regular OB in a 4 weeks. 

We left the hospital cautiously optimistic.  We were excited.  We were shocked.  We were scared.  Pretty much exactly what you would expect. 

But one thing for sure, we were not the same people that walked in 4 hours earlier. 

3D picture of 2 babies.  Very hard to see.

                Baby A                                                                                     Baby B

2 Yolk Sacs.  Hopefully a sign of 2 future Gestational Sacs

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