Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It Could Be So Much Worse

It seems like something always happens when you are on vacation.  A couple years ago Ainsley fell off the bed at my sister's house and couldn't walk for over a week afterwards.  Last year, Ryan was training for a 5K and ended up really hurting his knee and it wasn't right for over 2 months.

This year our story is way more crazy than any of that.  We are at my parents' house in the Adirondacks.  The first part of the week my sister and her kids were here.  Ainsley has been talking about jumping off the boat with her cousins for months. 

Sunday afternoon shaped up to be a great day and so we took my dad's pontoon boat out.  We found a small beach that wasn't inhabited on the other side of the lake.  The kids spent time jumping off the boat and swimming back and forth between the boat and the island.  About 10 minutes in, Ryan decided he would join Ainsley and jump off and swim with her. 

As soon as he got in the water and swimming with her, she whispered to him, "Daddy I need to go poop."  Being the fantastic dad he is, he set her up on the small beach and taught her how to poop outside.  He grabbed 3 leaves from a nearby shrub and wiped her down.  He then used leaves from the same bush to clean it off the beach.  He then cleaned her off a little better in the water with some sand.  We all cheered him on and didn't think another thing about it.

Tuesday morning Ryan woke up and his eye was kind of swollen.  I joked with him that he looked like Rocky.  I joked with him that I was Adrianne.  It got better over the day and we assumed it was a spider bite. 

About 2:00 in the morning on Wednesday, he woke me up.  He said both of his eyes were swelling shut and he needed some benadryl.  I woke my mom up and the man who takes no medicine took a double dose of benadryl. 

This morning he woke up and looked 1000 times worse.  We made an appointment for him at the doctor.  He went in and sure enough, it wasn't a spider bite or an allergic reaction.  It was some sort of dermatitis.  We kept thinking about when he was even in the woods.  We couldn't figure it out.

Then it hit me.  The leaves!!!  I google imaged the different poisonous plants.  What he wiped Ainsley's butt was poison sumac!  We don't have that where we live. 

So now he is on prednisone and zyrtec.  Both of his eyes are swollen shut.  His neck is covered.  His arms are covered.  His stomach is covered.  He looks horrible.  For his dignity, I will keep the Rocky pictures to myself.  Here's a picture of his neck though. 

As with everything, you have to look for the silver lining.  This time it's pretty huge.  Ainsley is free from rash and spots.  We think she is either not allergic or the sand wipe off cleaned it off enough.  Either way, we are counting our blessings that Ryan has all the reaction and she has none. 

Can you imagine her poor bum???!!??!!?!
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