Sunday, November 16, 2008

Parenting Books...Love Em or Hate Em

It's very interesting to watch your parenting styles unfold in front of you. I am quite different than I imagined I would be. I am a very uptight person in most of my life. Surprisingly, I am not that way as a mother. I am actually very laid back. Ryan is the uptight one. Today he told me that he though Ainsley had Measels when she only had a little scratch on her nose.

In light of that, I have found that I have not been overly interested in parenting books. I have been committed to reading Your Baby's First Year Week By Week. They did a great pregnancy book so I thought it would be a good book as my 1 parenting book. Each week it gives you milestones that your baby should be hitting, the average weight and height, potential illnesses, types of play that baby might enjoy, and general parenting suggestions.

We are now at Week 19 and I have decided I hate it. I'm thinking about not replacing it with any other book. Each week, I find myself wondering if Ainsley is behind or too big or if I'm ignoring some grave illness. This is the 3rd week in a row that it has mentioned that baby should be rolling over with ease. Rolling over isn't even on Ainsley's radar. They are going into great detail about eating solid food. Ainsley is not ready for solid food yet. They say she should weigh 14 1/2 pounds. A week and a half ago she weighed 15lb 3oz. Frankly, I hate the games they come up with for play. They often involve a song I have never heard before or some silly motion. They described playing "So Big" but instead used "So Tall". Whatever!

So I am putting my book aside. I give up. Is there another parenting book that I might like better? Will I forever feel like my child is not normal if I continue to read them? Is she so far behind because she can't roll over at 19 weeks? Am I stressing for no reason?


  1. You need to totally give up on the parenting books and just read the Twilight series instead. Parenting books just stress you out. Trust your instincts and ask your sisters if you have questions.

  2. Your sister is brilliant. Scrap parenting books and read Twilight. Amen to that. Jill is my new best friend.

    I am not too keen on parenting books either. I was thinking about reading a book on Toddler discipline the other day, but that's different.

    Don't stress about her developmental things. SHE WILL GROW AND DEVELOP IN HER TIME AND IN HER WAY. I was so bad about comparing Wesley to other kids and what they were doing, but in time, it all comes out in the wash and they do the same things, just at different times. She's healthy, she's happy, and you all are doing a GREAT job!

  3. Thanks you guys. I am trashing my book. I'll ask for the Twilight books for Christmas. No time to read right now with Christmas party looming.

  4. Hi Tracey, my kids were both very late with rolling, crawling, walking and I didn't start solid foods till much later also. You know your daughter best and I'm sure you're doing an awesome job!! I appreciate your blog, your honesty, and encouragement. I've found myself thinking about things you wrote many times. Hope the party prep goes well and is a lot of fun! God bless!! Christina


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