Tuesday, April 28, 2009


As I have been going through the past couple of weeks as a Krumroy, I have been constantly reminded to change my perspective. As I have said in previous posts, my brother in law, Taylor, has a rare form of testicular cancer and has had to have 2 surgeries in the past 6 weeks.

As I sit and watch, I find myself very sad very often about my own selfishness and sin. As my life goes on with work and the care of Ainsley, I catch myself feeling self pity over a headache or the extra weight I am carrying around.

And then I start to think about Taylor. It's so hard to complain about anything when this formerly healthy 26 year old is in the hospital struggling through each day with his loved ones camped out beside his bed. He is a shell of his former self. Despite every effort to stay positive, he is continually hit from every direction with a new challenge and yet through each obstacle he remains the same Taylor that we love. He is caring, emotional, loving, sweet, and funny. I am not saying he does not have struggles, because he does. Who wouldn't? What I am saying is that he is a fighter. He is fighting through each step.

Please join us in this fight for his life. Become a pray warrior with us and pray for healing. Pray that the doctor's would figure out what is wrong with his digestive system so that he can begin to eat again. Pray for his spirits to continually be lifted up. Pray for his strength to come back. Pray for the strength of those around him, specifically his fiance Jenny, his mother Lonnie, his father Bob, his brother (my husband) Ryan, and his sister Jordyne.

If you want to send any of them an encouraging note, they would all love it. Let them know you are praying for them. Here are the email addresses:

Taylor - tkrumroy@hotmail.com
Jenny - sugurgurrl6@hotmail.com
Lonnie - adorned@triad.rr.com
Bob - bkrumroy@hotmail.com
Ryan - renewedhealth@hotmail.com
Jordyne - siono716@gmail.com

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