Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Important than a Cute Picture

This past weekend we were able to visit my father in law's beach condo with friends of ours from college, Drew and Susan. They have a little boy, Jack, who is exactly 2 weeks younger than Ainsley. Ainsley has been around other children before but no one so close in age. It was amazing to watch the two interact. I think we all got our share of ohhs and ahhs.

The other part of the weekend that really struck me was to see Drew and Susan interact with Jack. A couple years ago, they lost a baby girl at 30 weeks pregnant. I think that loss really helped them to refocus on the every day. They really revel in each second that they spend with their son. It was a wonderful encouragement to me to see the hope and life that can come after such tragedy.

I think we often wonder how we would handle something like that. I think Susan said it best when she said that she sits in the fact that Reagan is in heaven with Jesus forever. We don't know the choices our children will make. We can only pray that they make wise ones and that they come to a saving faith in Christ. It was a great perspective shift for me to hear her be thankful for the gift of knowing that she will spend eternity with her child.

My prayer today is that I remember this day and this smile but more importantly that I continue to pray for her and the decisions she has in front of her.


  1. Oh Tracey - what a beautiful post. We've lost three children - Tanner, at 7 months and Mollie and Marie last February at 5 months. Their hearts all just stopped... It is utterly devastating, but a loss as profound as a child certainly does open up your heart to the joy of each and every little thing.

    Thank you for sharing Reagan's story. I'm sure your friends are honored that you remember her.


  2. Tracey - I'm so glad you linked up. I didn't know that about Drew and Susan. What a dear story. Thanks for sharing it and for celebrating the little things in the midst of loss and redemption.

  3. I hate to hear of families suffering the loss of children. But when God redeems those stories with new little lives and changed adult lives, it's beautiful! Thanks for sharing this story.

    PS. I'm digging Ainsley's bathing suit.

  4. Thank you for this beautiful post. We lost a son at just 15 weeks, and that loss has taught us so much about the joy of life and the privilege of raising the children we still have with us.

    I'm so glad I came here today. :)

  5. sooo cute of them at the beach. i have similar memories of river and her cousin at the beach, in that exact same position. it's fun to see how they really begin to have little personalities so early on!!

  6. Wish we could have caught up! I haven't seen Susan in a year now and would have loved to hang out with all of you! Too bad our house was full of germies!:(


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