Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In the Quiet

I am in the Adirondacks on vacation. I am sitting in the quiet of a house that has just been cleared out of children. I am alone. My sisters have left with their children, my father and husband are on the way to the airport with one family, my mother is asleep, and Ainsley is asleep. As I sit here in the quiet, I am prompted to reflect on what this place really means to me.
My parents live up her all year round and we make it a point to visit them at least once a year up here. The Adirondack mountains are one of my favorite places to be. I have been coming here for years with my family. I even worked at a camp up here for a summer in high school. It is tucked far away from civilization and the beauty is just incredible. There are mountains and lakes and hills and trees and sandy beaches. It's amazing.

But it's not just the views and the physical beauty, it's the beauty of family. My whole family was in the same place at the same time. This happens about once every 2 years or so. Every time this does happen, it's chaotic and crazy. There are 7 children ranging in ages from 8 to 1. Actually, we have all the ages covered in that range except for 5. There is always someone crying or hungry or tired. Someone always needs something. My parents are obsessed with making sure everyone is fed. Everyone has different dietary needs. There are different nap schedules and bed time routines. Someone always has a toy that someone else wants. Throw in a birthday and it's just crazy.

Now that the craziness has departed, I am taking the few minutes I have before Ainsley wakes up to reflect on the beauty that this family is. The love runs deep. The cup is full. It is a crazy family, but it's my family.

And now I hear the little sounds of a baby waking up. I must go enjoy my day.


  1. Good for you for taking a group picture! I'm trying to make everyone do this lately with all the different sides of the family. Documenting who was where and when and how.

  2. the joy of the craziness... it is good to be able to see the love in all of that. and i imagine that just a few moments of quiet is just enough to realize it :)

  3. Very cute! We are waiting to see the pics of Ainsley eating cake though!

  4. I know exactly what you mean about family get togethers. (There are 13 grandkids in our lot--including 8 under 5!) It really is the most precious kind of chaos, isn't it? So glad you got a chance to be with your family and to soak in the blessing!


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