Monday, October 19, 2009

The Big 9-0

This weekend Ryan's grandmother turned 90. I personally don't have any grandparents left and haven't for almost a decade. Ryan on the other hand has 3.

"Grandma" lives right here near us. She has adopted me as her own grandchild. We often call her the energizer bunny. She just keeps going. She has had a few scares but she always bounces back. And we are so thankful for this. I hope I am as spunky and fun as she is at 90.

We had a small get together at my mother in law's house over the weekend to celebrate. It was a fun evening with good food, a fire in the oven (yes a literal fire that caused havoc), frogs galore (Grandma collects frogs and what else are you going to get a 90 year old woman), and the best cake ever (if I do say so myself since I made it!)

Here are some pictures. Enjoy because we sure did.


  1. oh to have energy when I reach 90.
    You are so blessed, and it would seem in the pictures that she is feeling blessed to be a part of your adorable family

  2. Thank you my wonderful daughter in law! You help make our family tick and stay together, for sure! We love you!

  3. Isn't 90 wonderful? I don't know why but it just is. We're off to celebrate my husband's great-aunt's 90th this weekend. Such a treat. She sounds a lot like your grandmother - energizer bunny. Aunt Grace still acts in local theater. ::sigh:: To age so gracefully... What a great way to spend a weekend! Thank you for sharing her with us. :) Blessings.


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