Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Goodbye My Girl

You came into our life 5 years ago.  Ryan picked you.  I wanted a hyper young dog but he wanted you.  He could tell you were super sweet.  He wasn't wrong.

You were already old.  You used to be a breeder.  We have no idea how many puppies you had.  You were sold for a price because you were no longer wanted.  But we wanted you. 

You were sweet and you filled a void in my life.  You were my baby.  You followed me everywhere. 

You barked at people you didn't know.  Strangers never liked you.  But people who got to know you, loved you so. 

When you got sick, you never left my side.  You loved me and I loved you.  It was unconditional.

Then you got better

And we took you on vacation and you had the time of your life.  You had never been happier. 

And then we came home.  And you got worse again.  And we have watched as you started to struggle. 

And tonight we couldn't let you struggle anymore.  You were too good of a dog to go through the pain you were going through. 

And so I bid you farewell, my sweet Libby girl.  You will definitely be missed.  You will never be forgotten.

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  1. Oh, friend. When it rains, it pours, doesn't it? Just thinking about it makes me cry. Pets are awesome.


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