Monday, February 20, 2012

The Year Winter Lasted a Day

Now that Ainsley is old enough to really enjoy the snow, we have been waiting for it to arrive.  Oh the irony of the warmest winter I can ever remember.  Then they started predicting snow for last night.  It was hard to believe it would really snow since the day before it was 60 degrees.  We didn't tell Ainsley about the possibility but prepared ourselves just in case. 

Well, we got a whooping inch of snow, but it was really sticky and wet snow, perfect for sledding and snowmen.  So we decided to make the best of it.  I called my neighbor, Marci, who has been giving me a hard time for not getting Ainsley out sledding the past couple years.  She agreed to meet me this morning to take Ainsley sledding. 

We bundled up and we were ready to go. 

 Even David had his snowman outfit on that included boots.  He's pumped.

Marci provided the sled and we were off.  We drove to the library where they have a hill that isn't too big but big enough.  It took one time down the hill and Ainsley was hooked.

She quickly graduated to getting pushed down the hill by herself.

And she squealed with glee on each trip.  At the bottom of the hill, she would say "Let's do it again" EVERY TIME!

I even got to get on the sled with her. 

It wasn't fast enough so we went back to pushing her down the hill.  Side note, only in NC can you wear jeans and a sweatshirt sledding and not be freezing!

And don't think for a second that I wasn't going to teach her that she has to bring her own sled up the hill.

The excitement was all just a little bit too much for David

When we got home we had to make a snowman.  Actually, we made 2.  A big sister snowman and a baby brother snowman.

And what caps off a snow day better than a cup of "Hot Chocolate Tea"?  (We may drink a lot of hot tea around here)

And now it's 12:00 and the snow is almost gone and it's supposed to be 54 tomorrow and 63 on Wednesday, we will look forward to winter again next year.

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