Thursday, November 7, 2013

Get Off Google

I recently had a friend ask my advice on baby products.  Having been there and done that, I felt pretty good about answering her questions.  I know those answers.  I wrote her a lengthy email with my "pearls of wisdom" I have from parenting my 2 children.

When I got pregnant with the twins and before I knew they were twins I felt pretty confident.  I knew what I was doing.  I was an experienced mom.  Sure, the transition from 2 to 3 kids was going to be tough, but I had a level of confidence.  At least I wasn't starting at ground zero.  I had already done that.

And then I was told that we were having twins.

It is almost like starting over at ground zero.  And yet my resources of people to ask my questions to is a much smaller group.  And so I have been doing what any normal person does, I go to Google.

I was talking with a friend today about possibly changing OB/GYN offices.  There is so much to think about and I feel like I'm starting over in pregnancy too.  As we were talking about things, I was explaining how all these little questions were overwhelming me. 

She wisely told me that I was using Google and knowledge as a way to control the anxiety and worry.  I was spending so much time worrying about the future, that I wasn't enjoying the today.  My fear of tomorrow was paralyzing my today.  She wisely called this what it is...sin. 

And then she encouraged me to take a sabbatical from Google.  And to do it regularly.  And to take the time to really think about the now.  To enjoy the now.  And to most importantly, trust in the One who put us in this situation in the first place.  After all, I didn't choose this.  God chose me for this. 

I will have plenty of time for researching, just not all at once.  I really don't need to know how to wear 2 babies, or how to breastfeed 2 babies, or how to bathe 2 babies right now.  I will need to know some day. 

But not today.

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