Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I haven't posted since Thursday. I have been really tired but that's not really an excuse. Here are some highlights from the past week:

Hanging Rock
Ryan and I love Hanging Rock, a local mountain we hike with a great view. We had one of our first dates there, we got engaged there, and we take just about everyone important in our lives there. My scrapbooks are full of pictures of people we have taken including Majid and Andrea, Tim and Lindsay, a group from college, my parents, Jason and Leah, and Omar. It only felt right to bring Ainsley up there early. Here are some pictures.

Lost Brain
I have lost my brain again. I went to work this morning without one of the most important parts to my pump. I had to have MaryBeth come to my office with Ainsley so that I could feed her. I felt pretty retarded.

Omar has been out of work since his assault. His bills are piling up like crazy and are all due right now. He was about to be evicted and lose his car. We put out a call to our friends and family and a good friend of my mother in law's is stepping in to pay all of his December bills. What a blessing.

Christmas Party
Our Christmas party is only a few weeks away. I am starting to freak out. We have 66 confirmed guess with a bunch of maybes and over 40 that haven't responded yet. I started my grocery list and I am going there tomorrow. I will start baking on Friday and probably not stop until the party.

So that is all that is going on with me. I will try to be better about posting but can't promise anything between now and the party.

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  1. I recall a certain trip to Hanging Rock with your 'rents and the Cartrettes. I think I might even have some pictures from that event. Love that place.

    Don't get yourself all stressed out over this party. Remember to enjoy it.


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