Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cancer Sucks

I have been consumed by thoughts of cancer lately. It seems like it's everywhere. Every time I turn around, someone else has it. To name a few as of late:

  • Taylor - my brother in law - Testicular Cancer
  • Blu - my step father in law - CLL (a form of Leukemia)
  • Joe - my sister's father in law - Prostate Cancer
  • Ginger - a family friend - Brain Cancer - for the second time and a totally different kind
Ryan and I are big followers of the Tour de France. This year Lance Armstrong came back after a few years of retirement to place 3rd. The purpose of his comeback is to raise cancer awareness. Through following him on twitter, I found this website (www.fatcyclist.com). The writer's wife recently passed away from breast cancer at a very young age. I read the blog during the last few weeks of her life. It was heart-wrenching.

Now my precious dog Libby even has cancer. We found a skin cancer growth on her back and had it removed. We don't know any more of a diagnosis than that. We aren't going to treat it with anything more than the surgery she just had. We can only hope that we got it all for now. It will recur but the million dollar question is "When?" We are praying for years!

All that to say that cancer sucks and it's everywhere. If you aren't touched by it, you live in a hole. While others like Lance are fighting in public ways, I am fighting by going to my Heavenly Father on my knees. Join me in praying for the people on this list and let me know of the people in your lives that I should add to my prayer list.


  1. I agree with you - Cancer Sucks! I don't know how anyone has gone without cancer affecting them in some form. I doubt you know this, but I lost my father to cancer 16 years ago and my brother is beating his brain cancer that he has! My sister also had stage one cervical cancer. That's half my family affected by cancer...so I will join you with prayer.

  2. Cancer sucks a lot! It's scary and affects everyone. My mother-in law has breast cancer and is beating it but the pain and fear is heart breaking to watch. It really opens your eyes to what is and isn't important in life. I'm praying too.

  3. This was much needed. I just found out my best friend's mother has liver and pancreatic cancer... sucks! Praying is the only way we can fight it.

  4. Shannon - Thanks for sharing. I did not know about all the cancer in your family. They are on my prayer list.

    Jenn - I'm sorry you are going through all this so close to the beginning of your marriage. I know it sucks at anytime but during that first year it has to be tough. Praying

    Jon - Wow. Those are bad ones. Consider her added to the prayer list.


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