Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cyber Stalking

I have recently discovered that a friend of mine from when we lived in Winston has been following my blog. Until last night, I hadn't communicated with her in years. Then I find out that she reads my blog. I love it! She told me she was cyber stalking me.

I have to say that this concept is awesome. I am one of those people who love to know about other people's lives. I am totally into voyeurism. It's the reason I love reality tv like Big Brother (I know I shouldn't admit that publicly).

In the past year I have become completely addicted to Facebook and blogs, both mine and others. I find it fascinating to catch up with people I have lost touch with. I have connected with people from high school that I would never have otherwise. People from my college years are in my life again. I have found people from other random places in my life. Even the people that I currently interact with frequently are part of my cyber stalking. I get to know all of these people more due to technology! And for me, it's wonderful.

I recently read an article about the downfalls of this and how Facebook might be ruining relationships that people have because of lack of phone calls and face to face interactions. My problem with that theory is that I would never pick the phone up to call most of these people, but I feel like my circle of life has expanded dramatically.

So is Facebook ruining your life?


  1. Good stuff. I love Facebook. I've found some awesome friends there. I think the key is to not become dependent on that circle for value and comfort in your life. Keep a circle of people you would and do actually call and can depend on when you need them... because you will need them. :)

    Just my two [or four] cents.

  2. Personally I have loved Facebook. I have connected with a ton of people I wouldn't keep intouch with normally. And have re-connected with some and become better friends than we ever were. Funny how people you weren't that close with in highschool you now have a ton in common with.

    I also love following random blogs. I am very encouraged by many people walking a similar life as I am...even if I don't know them at all!

    I am a little weirded out though by how some of these mommy bloggers get to such a "celebrity" like status and I think that is a little weird.

    But as for my close circle of friends...facebook is still a way to update them all fast. And we always follow up more personally via e-mail or phone. Actually, my best friends rarely comment on my status updats on facebook.

    I like cyber stalking you tracey!

  3. You are welcome for the addiction to Facebook and blogging!


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