Friday, March 20, 2009

Random Thoughts for the Day

Today I'm feeling really random. Here are few thoughts on my mind right now.

  • Why don't I like cinnamon? It's a generic flavor that everyone likes but me.
  • Why does teething and drool go together?
  • Why does my dog think it's ok to eat the broccoli plants out of the garden?
  • Why can't I spell words like broccoli?
  • Why did I end up with the cutest baby in the world?
  • Why do I love coffee so much?
  • Why don't I use my iPhone as a music player?
  • Why did it take me so long to figure out how to publish my blog posts on Facebook?

So there you go. A bunch of random questions. Does anyone have any answers?


  1. I was thinking when I posted on your FB wall "hmmm...wonder who she got that idea from" (having the feed to your blog on FB) :) It took me a while to figure it out where people would actually visit my blog and not just read it on FB.

    And coffee is the wonder drug of the mommy-gods! (even if mine is half-caff right now!)

  2. Drooling and teething.... babies drool during teething partially to keep their gums moist and lubricated for teeth... might also be partially a reflex to something new being introduced to the mouth like when kids/adults put food (especially sour) into mouths we start salivating. Here is a theory I don't remember teething at all (surprise surprise)- but I would imagine it might feel something like trying to get a sliver or a bee stinger out.... to make that easier my mom always soaked my finger in water/baking soda to make the skin softer around. Saliva keeps the gums softer... easier to break through.

  3. Thought I'd Give This a Try is Beth... I can't fgure out how to get it to put my name anymore!!!


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