Wednesday, November 4, 2009


If you have read this blog at all, you know I love lists. As my friend Beth said the other day, sometimes I make them just so I can cross things off of them. It brings such a sense of accomplishment. I did that. I accomplished my goals. I am good.

Then in Sunday School the other day, we were given 2 lists. It was called a Self-Assessment. There was a list called "The Orphan" and another called "The Son/Daughter".

Some of the things on "The Orphan" were:
  • Lives on a success/fail basis
  • Struggles to trust things to God
  • Feels discouraged or defeated
  • Solution to failure: "Try Harder"
  • A "competent analyst" of other's weaknesses
  • Tends to compare yourself with others

Some of the things on "The Son/Daughter" were:

  • Not fearful of God
  • Freedom from making a name for yourself
  • Content in relationships because you are accepted by God
  • Is teachable by others
  • Content with what Christ has provided
  • Doesn't always have to be right
  • Is able to freely confess your faults to others
  • Experiences more and more victory over the flesh
  • God truly satisfies your soul

The exercise was to identify tendencies you see in yourself in the first list and places you most want to grow in the second list.

I wanted so badly to check things off and to feel the sense of accomplishment. Instead I began to feel deep conviction. I was focused on the first list. The struggles are deep. The failure is felt. I for once didn't want to check everything on the list.

And then I thought about the second list. It wasn't a list of things we are good at. It was a list of things that we wanted to have God grow in us. Wow. I'm not responsible for the second list. He is. I can ask but it's not about me doing something. It's about faith in knowing He will.

Grace. Check that off!

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  1. Oh wow, thanks for sharing. That will be some good food for thought!


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