Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Day Might Suck But My Life is Awesome

I started this Birthday in a really crappy mood. I was tired and sick. So I did what I do best, I made a list of why it sucked.

And then I had a great friend, Jon, comment and give me a perspective shift. So yes, I am sick and I am tired BUT...

  • I have a God that runs the universe and dwells in me
  • I have a wonderful husband - sick or not
  • I have the most beautiful daughter in the whole wide world
  • I have awesome parents who love me like I love my daughter
  • I have great sisters who tease me and protect me at all costs
  • I have awesome in-laws who love me like their own child
  • I have wonderful friends who do things like make me cakes and offer to make me dinner
  • I have a great job that I love to come to 4 days a week
  • I have a warm house and a warm bed to go to at the end of this crappy day
  • I have a great nanny who loves my child like her own (even when my child's sassy)
  • I have new granite counter tops going into my kitchen this week
  • I have just about everything...
So yes..the day sucks but the life is awesome and I have the list to prove it.

Happy Life to Me!

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