Friday, September 17, 2010

Big Girl Room

I have been recently working on Ainsley's "Big Girl Room".  I have no plans to move her in there just yet but I wanted her to be able to get used to seeing it before we actually move her in there. 

My vision started with a color.  Purple.  Then I thought about adding butterflies to it.  So I googled Purple Butterfly bedding.  I found this amazingly cute set.

The room that went from blue with an earth tone bedspread with furniture that was unfinished (I should have taken before pictures but it was really almost too embarrassing) has turned into this...

I am going to put her initials on the wall above the bed but need to order them.  Everywhere I went they were out of at least one letter that I need.

The furniture, which was unfinished, was mine when I was a kid.  And before that it was in my grandparents house.  It's really old and I've been trying to get the motivation to refinish it.  Guess I found it.  It's now a pretty white.

The bookshelf is actually a glass case with the glass removed.  Right now it has knickknacks on it but it will hold books and stuffed animals once she moves in.

This desk is actually a vanity.  It has a mirror but it needs new glass and it needs to be painted.  I'll be working on that in a bit.  One of my favorite things about this room is that wicker stool.  And that lamp needs a new shade.  I'm working on it!

Her favorite part of this room is this pink hook rug that I got at Target.  I envision her playing on it for years to come. 

And now comes the hard part of forcing her to be a baby for as long as I can.  This mama isn't ready to let go.


  1. Oohh! I love it! The furniture is beautiful, and the colors/bedding adorable! She will have many happy memories of her big girl room!

    Nice work, Tracey!

  2. I'm so glad you did this post! I just told Ryan today that you needed to post this. Very cute! It does make her seem like such a big girl.

  3. Great job!! The room looks amazing.

  4. so cute! what a cozy place for little A. that desk/ vanity is super cool.


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