Sunday, September 5, 2010


I'm in Tennessee visiting my sister and her family.  We drove over here on Friday for a long weekend. 

We got here around dinner time on Friday and were enjoying the time with cousins.  They were running around and just having a great time.  We ended up getting the kids ready for bed kind of late.  My nephew John Mark was reading a story to both Ainsley and Riley.  They were being silly and Ainsley bounced right off the bed.  I made the remark that she figuratively and literally hit the wall.  I put her to bed and she settled quickly.

After waking up at 12 and again at 5:30, we were both tired on Saturday.  Funny thing was that she wouldn't move.  She just sat there.  Then she started crawling everywhere.  It was like I was going through the stages of infant development all over again.

So here it is Sunday and she's still not walking.  Poor girl is hurt.  Of course with each passing moment that she doesn't start walking, I start to worry more.  And Ryan is worried sick since he's at home and can't see her to actually assess the damage.

After church today we took her to the urgent care.  After 4 x-rays, the verdict is no broken bones.  They believe that she twisted something or pulled something when she fell off the bed. 

Good news is that she's going to be ok.  Bad news is I have to carry her around everywhere.  But I am thankful that she's still acting as cute as ever with her cousins.

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