Thursday, January 19, 2012

And So Begins a New Chapter

With the birth of David, we decided that it was time to start Ainsley in preschool.  She has been under MaryBeth's care for 3 years now (minus a small break when she had Toby).  Unfortunately, MaryBeth won't be watching Ainsley and David.  She and her family have moved closer to her husband's family.  While it's a good decision for them, it makes us sad.

Seeing that Ainsley wasn't going to get the stimulation of 2 rambunctious boys anymore, we decided that preschool would be a good outlet for her 2 days a week.  We chose one based on proximity and we also happen to know the educational director.

Today was her first day.  And since my last post was so wordy, I think this one should just be about the pictures.

Dressed and Ready to Go!

Excited about her New Backpack she got for Christmas

Just before getting in the Car

Checking In

A little nervous with her hands in her hair

 At the end of the day we got a great report from her teachers.  She adjusted well and had a great time. She even got to meet a hedgehog!

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