Sunday, January 1, 2012

Usually I'm an Inside Girl

I haven't written in forever.  I really wanted to sit on the last post and really let it sink in.  It was important to me.

But a new year has come and a lot is about to change at our house.  I didn't want to overlook a major thing that happened during the interim. 

I will be the first to admit, I'm an inside girl when it comes to my home.  We have spent time and money redoing our kitchen, buying furniture, and even making curtains.  These are all inside things.  And I love every one of them.  There isn't a day that goes by that I am not thankful for the work we have put into our house to make it a home. 

The outside of our house is a different story.  My philosophy is that if it doesn't grow or produce food for us to eat, then why pay attention to it. 

My father in law and I have often talked about the front of our house needing a face lift.  I knew he was right but I never really looked into it further.  This year for Christmas, he surprised us and had our front yard totally re-landscaped.  I have to admit that I wasn't overly excited about it to start with.  But then it was done and I am dumbfounded by how much I really enjoy it every day.  And it's the dead of winter.  We haven't even seen the extent of the beauty yet.  To say that I'm looking forward to spring is an understatement. 

My words can't do it justice so just take a look...

(just look at those overgrown bushes!)

(they ripped every bush out.  They said the root systems were feet deep!)

There are so many little touches that these pictures don't do justice but take my word for it.  You would be amazed!

Even though I am an inside girl and would never have done this for myself, I am SOOOOOO thankful that my father in law was so generous to do it for us.  I never thought I would like it so much.  I guess there is always room for a little growth in one's life. 

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  1. first, i've never seen the outside of your house. you have the COOLEST house, tracey! i love it. and the first picture i thought was good, but you're right, the landscaping makes such a difference. that's one of those things that i couldn't plan myself either, but i appreciate afterwards.


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