Sunday, October 19, 2008

Call Me Crazy

Ryan and I have always lived somewhat "green". I think I have gone over the edge now. We went to the store yesterday and purchased 4 cloth diapers. Ryan brought this up when we were pregnant and I flat out refused him. I thought that was too far on the environmentally friendly scale.

Don't ask what changed my mind. I have no idea. Yesterday, without any prompting from Ryan, I asked to go to the baby boutique that sells cloth diapers. We went, and I purchased 4 diapers.

I have to say, these are not the cloth diapers that we were in as children. These are so different and they make it so easy. I bought 2 different kinds so that I can try them out to see how I like them. One kind is what is called an all in one diaper. This is a diaper that has the plastic outer with velcro and its lined with fleece. It's a one size fits all diaper that will grow with her. The other is a hemp diaper that is super soft. You cover that with a plastic pant. These plastic pants are not what we wore. They are soft and cozy. They breath so that she's not all sweaty.

This morning, after Ainsley woke up, I put her in the all in one diaper. It was hysterical. I put it on her and she just laughed. I really think she liked the feel of the fleece on her bottom. Not 45 minutes in, she pooed in it. Figures the first one we use and she poos. Oh well. Surprisingly, it didn't bother me at all. I rinsed it out and we were on our way to church (She wore a disposable to church because I'm just not that brave yet).

So here is a picture of my new "green" baby. Am I crazy?


  1. Whatever floats your boat and can hold the poo and pee! I didn't feel brave enough to do it and with all the crazy poos that the redhead did, I think our smart choice was disposables. Go with it.

  2. I think babies look so cute in cloth diapers. And Ainsley definitely does! We did disposables... I wasn't quite "that green." But who knows, I'd definitely consider it if we ever have a 3rd. (if... =)


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