Sunday, October 5, 2008

Up the Back

This afternoon we were at our friends, Jason and Leah, house. Leah is pregnant with their first child due on November 18. They are starting to get all the gear put up in their house. One of the first things they put together was their swing. While we were over there, they told us we could put Ainsley in it. They also offered to let Ainsley sleep in the crib. I know that Ainsley drools alot while she sleeps so I declined the offer for the crib. We had our pack and play with us anyway. I did take them up on the offer for the swing. She was so happy and content in the swing. She enjoyed looking at the mobile above. I picked her up because she was starting to get fussy. One of our friends from across the room said, "What is that on her back?" I turned her around to take a look and there it was. Poop all the way up her back. She had pooped in their new swing. I felt horrible. I was so worried about the crib, I forgot to worry about the swing. I should have known. Ainsley didn't poop yesterday so we were bound for a big one today. When we changed her diaper, it was up to her shoulder blades. Enjoyable. The good news is that the swing seems to have made it through the mishap. I still feel horrible but I guess we are letting them in on the things that are to come.

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  1. Awwww. Aliha used to do that all the time! :) We found that when we went up to the next size of diaper, that stopped. It looked all puffy on her, but it gave her more room in case of a "catastrophic bowel movement". Have a good day!


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