Monday, February 9, 2009

Technology Anonymous

Ainsley has been sick since Thursday and I have barely been able to get out of the house. I feel strongly about not spreading these germs. So I was ready to hole myself up with my TV, my computer, and my phone.

Enter Ryan with the tiller. On Saturday Ryan and Omar were tilling the garden getting it ready to grow all our delicious vegetables for the summer. I had just finished the previous post and published Internet. I checked the TV. I checked my phone (we use vonage) phone. I ran outside to see Ryan holding a large portion of our cable wire in his hand. I quickly called the cable company. They couldn't come out until Monday.

So here I was holed up in the house and I was stranded without all the things I love the most. Do you think that I picked up a book? Nope. I played on my phone the entire time. My current Word Warp score is 63,800. I know I am addicted to technology and this proved it.

Is there a support group for that?


  1. That is really very sad. I would have been very sad, no mad. But you can't quite be mad at the husband who is doing the yard work, can you? Glad you are have your technology fix back!! Thanks for coming last night. It was so much fun!

  2. Word Warp is a boggle game on my iPhone. It's one of the apps you can download. Prior to my technology outage I was at 2000. Oops.

  3. You also had one very important part of your life - Ainsley!
    Love, Mom


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