Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm in Trouble

You know I'm on a diet. You know I have a goal of 12 lbs in 8 weeks leading up to a cruise on March 7th. You may not know, but I've lost 10 lbs already and I still have 2.5 weeks to go.  I kind of problem...

Enter this tweet from Emily - "Target has the Easter stuff out. It's very...pastel. "

You may think of easter baskets, bunnies, plastic eggs...

Nope...this is what my mind thinks of...

Yep...Easter candy.  The best candy of the whole year.  It beats out Christmas and Halloween by a long shot.  When else can you get chocolate filled with creamy yummy sugar made to look like an egg.  I mean how do they do that.  It has a yolk.  I mean really.  What could be better?

Maybe this version.  No fun yolk, but it's an egg filled with caramel.  Chocolate...good.  Caramel....good.  What's not to like.

Then there's the classic Reese's Egg.  Kind of like a Reese's cup but way better.  Its so thick of the wonderful sugary peanut butter.  Too good to pass up.

And you can't forget about the fruity candy too.  What's Easter without jelly beans and what better jelly beans are there than Starburst?  

So you see my dilema.  There is good news.  I can walk right past these...


Good thing too because I was starting to get a sugar rush.  I guess I better go pop my Jillian Michaels video in because I already consumed enough jelly beans today to make it so I can't have dinner unless I burn some calories.


  1. Love the photos! I could dive right in to that pile of Cadbury eggs.

  2. Yum! Balance girl! All about balance! Allow yourself a little bit and you will still reach you goal. A LITTLE! I can't allow myself a little. I don't know what a little it:) What Jillian workout are you doing? How is it? Great job on 10 poundsd so far!


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