Monday, March 15, 2010

My Feet Went on a Cruise

I decided that I wanted to give you the summary of the cruise but thought a typical post might be boring with all the pictures of us having fun (side note, if you want to see them, click here.)  So I decided to let you know where we had been via my feet.

After a pedicure on a snowy day in Greensboro, my feet were ready to go

After boarding the ship in Miami, we took a load off on lawn chairs, still in my jeans.

Relaxing on my balcony after a run in the gym on the ship.

Back in flip flops with Caroline while we waited to not play bingo.  I'm not paying $40, $60, or $80 to play bingo

On a boat in Grand Cayman getting ready to snorkel after we swam with Stingrays.

All dressed up for a night "out" on the ship with Ryan's coworkers.  These sandals were borrowed from my mother in law and she might not get them back.  I love them and I wear way more red than she does.  Look out Lonnie.

On the beach in Cozumel next to my once very clean and very light green shoes after a crazy dune buggy ride.  Thanks for the mud Ryan.

On a make shift lawn chair after all the spring breakers took all the real ones by 8:15am.  Still one of my favorite times on the cruise.

Fresh from an afternoon nap

At the Fort Lauderale airport, I had to buy some sexy slipper socks to go under my sandals and my capris.  My feet were FREEZING!  It's hot I know.

Home again in my comfy jeans and socks...looking so forward to the spring weather that seems to have arrived while I was gone.

Hope you enjoyed the journey as much as I did...probaby not though, cuz we had a ton of fun. 


  1. what a cute way to do that post! I am glad you enjoyed your cruise! Joe and I did a 3 day one before we found out we were expecting and I can't wait to do another!

  2. Not to be guilted into writing a comment, but I loved this post! I'm suddenly jealous of your feet...

  3. How fun. I am jealous! What a great little reminder of your trip.

  4. so funny! Love the red sandals too!


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