Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May Good Things

Today I need a lift.  So I'm doing my Good Things post.  It's nice to look back and see that my life once didn't revolve around the potty.  It gives me hope that it won't again in the future.

1 Ran a race for the Tatas with Heather and Leah. Memories made

2 Enjoyed a potluck with small group. I just love our group and will miss our friends who are leaving us this summer

3 Ainsley's first day back with MaryBeth since she had Toby. It's good to be back with her.

4 Spent some good time with Ryan's Grandma after she was released from the hospital. These moments are precious

5 Enjoyed listening to Ainsley sing on the car ride home. Man she's cute

6 Enjoyed my new GPS. I loved arriving successfully to my destination with no turn arounds. That's a small miracle

7 Caught up with a really good friend from college. She's kind of famous in the blog world.  My new table arrived.

8 Organized my clothes. Got rid of 8 bags of unneccessary things. It feels good to purge

9 Enjoyed my Mama Day with Ainsley and was spoiled by Ryan. Went to my sister in laws college graduation. So proud

10 Thankful for a mother in law who loves my child and will take care of her on random days

11 Strolled through the garden to see everything coming up beautifully. The anticipation is killing me.

12 Got to check out where our new church is going to be. I love when other people have great visions. I'm not a visionary

13 Ryan got home from work early and that makes me smile.

14 Hopped to the park with some church friends for a long over due day at the park

15 Women's ministry breakfast with good friends and team. Excited to see what God does. Dinner with family

16 Spent some time with Ryan's mom and Blu at our house, showing off my wonderful new table

17 Confirmed the bunny lady for Ainsley's birthday party. Live bunnies at her party. How fun is that!!!

18 Roasted Red Pepper Pizza for dinner. Sticks And Stones restaurant doesn't have anything on me!

19 Thankful that Ryan is such a wonderful dad and that he loves her enough to let her puke on him!

20 All packed and ready to go to Boston.

21 Woke up to puke (not really good) but the coffee and book on the plane were a nice surprise since I was prepared for a 22 month lap child

22 Spent the day with my neices and nephews. Got a glimpse of what life as a soccer mom is. I'm kind of looking forward to it

23 Witnessed Anthony's first communion. That kid is amazing and cute to boot!

24 Went to Target for potty seats, cute elmo panties, and Clorox wipes. After a random poop in the potty on Sunday we have decided Friday is Potty Day

25 Biggest Loser Finale. Michael wins. I'm happy

26 Caught up on laundry in preparation for Potty Day. Little girl panties are cute

27 Celebrated my friend moving away. So enjoy her friendship and will miss her like crazy

28 Potty Day. Lots of messes but success as well

29 Potty Day 2. She's getting it

30 Potty Day 3. She's really getting it. Party at the pool with small group

31 Extra day off from work. Thanks to our great service men and women

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