Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh the Drama!

I bet you think I'm talking about L O S T.  I'm not.  I actually haven't seen it yet so don't spoil it for me.  I'm in a media black out today until I can get home and watch it.  Want to know why...I bet you do.  I bet you are so antsy to know why I missed the biggest TV event of the year because you know I love TV.

Well, I had a fun filled weekend with my sister and her 4 kids in Boston.  I've been looking forward to this trip for months.  It was supposed to be me and Ainsley going.  We were going to take advantage of the lap child rule one last time.  It was going to be so fun to spend the weekend watching our kids play together and enjoying time with Nana and Papa. 

But things never go as you plan.  We put Ainsley to bed on Tuesday night and I thought I heard her cough.  I got nervous because I knew I didn't want a sick kid this weekend.  I heard her cough again and I thought that was a strange cough I should go check on her.  So I did at 9:45.  Turns out she wasn't coughing.  She was throwing up.  She was covered.  The bed was covered.  It was a mess.  But I was thankful she didn't sleep in it like last time.  After a quick sleepy bath and a sheet change she was back in bed (actually the pack and play since it's easier to clean up) only to puke once more but not as bad. 

Ryan stayed home with her on Wednesday.  She seemed to be doing well.  Then she woke up from her nap and got Ryan with a direct hit.  By Thursday she was fine.  We debated and debated on whether to bring her anyway.  There were pros and cons.  Everyone had an opinion.  It was a major distraction at work on Thursday.  I don't actually know if I did any work and I have to take some time today to figure that out!  There were tears and frustration. It felt like a big family drama.

So I packed our bags and made a decision that she was coming with me.  By the time I got on the plane it would have been 40 hours with no incidents.  That felt safe but I was still nervous.  So I prayed. I prayed that if I wasn't supposed to take her with me that it would be clear. 

And it was clear.  I woke up on Friday to catch the plane.  I got myself ready.  I went in to get Ainsely up and ready and there she was covered in puke.  Clear as day.  I was so disappointed. 

So I got on a plane and flew to Boston by myself. I read a book and drank coffee on the plane.   I had a great time with my sister and her 4 kids.  I enjoyed my time with Nana and Papa.  I was really able to focus on the reason I was there.  My nephew, Anthony, received his first communion.  He took it very seriously and I couldn't be more proud.  He really is a wonderful kid.  There are some great pictures of me and him but they are on my sisters camera.  But I must say he is the cutest little boy I know.  And his heart is made of pure gold. 

And I was supposed to be back by 8:45 last night.  In time to watch L O S T.  But USAirways sucks and so I didn't get home until 11.  So now I'm on a media blackout after I hit post. I hope it's worth it.

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