Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some of My Favorite Things

I've been focused on my child so much lately that I needed a reminder of who I am and what I like.  As I have been going through this exercise, I thought I would share it with you.

What's not to love.  King of the Universe.  God of Mercy.  God of Love.  God of Justice.  God of me.

I love my family, the one I grew up in, the one I married into, and the one we are creating.  Here's an oldie but goodie of the 4 generations that represent a branch of my family.

My House
Best to use a quote here from one of my favorite books.  "I love my house.  I love my nest.  In all the world, my nest is best"

Everyone always catches on quickly when I get pregnant (which I am not currently in case you were wondering) because I do love my wine.

I dedicated a whole post to it over Easter.  I know I'm supposedly this healthy vegetarian but I do love my candy.

Taco Bell
Not much to say here.  Bean burritos from Taco Bell are just so yummy.  I'm using the old logo here on purpose.  It's a sort of comfort for my comfort food.

Side Note...Can you tell I'm hungry.  My list just went completely to my tummy.  Ok. Back to the list

It's part of my job but I just love when new technology comes out.  I love all the shiny new toys.  But I'm cheap so I usually just admire them from a far. But my boss bought me an original iPhone a couple years ago and now the new one's out and I keep dropping hints to him to buy me a new one.  It's new and shiny and in it's own way, kind of sexy.

My Bed
I love to sleep.  Make the room nice and dark, kind of like a cave, and I could sleep there forever.  This one really hits me on Thursday nights after I've worked all week.

The Adirondacks
We grew up vacationing there and now my parents have retired there.  When we lived in Albany, we would go every other weekend or more.  Now that we don't live there anymore, I miss going there so much.  I relish my week in the summer, even if you do have to wear a down coat to the 4th of July parade.  Here's a picture of Ryan on his jetski ruining the peace and quiet for everyone else.  But he's hot doing it so I let it slide.

It's the nerd in me but I love math.  I can't wait until Ainsley has math homework for me to help her with.

So there you have it.  A list that sums me up in quick 10 points.  I should have put lists on the list but I digress.  Enjoy getting a refresher on me.  I did.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder how we are such good friends. Your list and my list are so different!! Only when it comes to the technology and math part. Oh, and Taco Bell. But Brad would love you.


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