Monday, May 3, 2010

All The Real Tatas Were Elsewhere

I told you the other day that I was getting ready to do a 5K.  It was this past Saturday and I ran it with my friends Heather and Leah.  As I mentioned before, I'm competitive (not with the masses, but more with myself).

The race we ran in was to raise money for Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test.  The real race for breast cancer, The Race for the Cure,  was run in the neighboring town so most of the real women racers were there.  That kind of helped me because our race was not as full of the really competitive strong women.

I am not sure why I was so nervous, but I was.  I didn't sleep more than 4 hours the night before.  I was just really freaking myself out.  Originally I wanted to run the race in less than 29 minutes.  I psyched myself out so much that by the time race day came, I was going to be happy if I came in at around 30 minutes.  It didnt' help that I worked digging in my yard for 2.5 hours the day before, but that's hindsight.

So the race went off and I did ok. I didn't push myself like I probably should have but I thought I was doing ok.  Then I came over the finish line at 32:10.  WHAT?  Are you kidding.  Was I walking?  I didn't think so.

Afterwards I was speaking with an event staff and I was told that even the faster runners were not happy with their times and that they thought the course was too long.  I felt a little better.  Better enough to enjoy the rest of the race day with my friends.  We even found this really great sign across the street.

The girls and I went to breakfast at IHOP afterwards and I threw health to the wind and ordered Chocolate Chip Pancakes.  And they were good. 

And me being me, I went back later and clocked the race.  It was 3.3 miles instead of 3.1 miles (or 5.3K instead of 5K).  And if you work my time out, that means my time would have been 30:13.  Still not great but a whole lot more respectable. 

Overall, it was a success and memories were made.  And they raised $9000 for the cause.  And that's the important part.


  1. Go Tracey! One time Eric and I ran a "5K" that was more like a 5 mile race. It just kept going and going. Anyways - it was a local organizations race and they had set up the course with a GPS and it was totally off. Needless to say it was the farthest I had run at that point and seemed like an eternity.
    Great job on your race! I'm signed up for Friehoffer's. I haven't done it in years.
    PS - You look great.
    Miss you - Are you coming up at all this summer? We are going to COTW the last week in June again up till the 4th - ish.

  2. You are still amazing for doing the race! You look amazing and hope everything else is well!


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