Monday, July 12, 2010

Sad Goodbye

They were our first real friends once we moved back to NC and got settled.  We joined their home group at church.  Instant friends.  Our lives run parallels.  Mine with Jason's.  Ryan's with Leah's.  And now the road splits.

Our friends Jason and Leah are moving this week to PA.  She worked tirelessly on a PhD and now she has earned a position as a college professor.  As I think back to the times we have had together, I know that my life has been enriched for knowing them. 

I've been in denial that they are actually leaving us until Sunday morning.  We had a goodbye party for them Saturday night and I still didn't break.  Then church rolled around and they were 3 rows in front of me.  I  sobbed through much of church.  I'm pretty much a hot mess.

So instead of dwelling on my sadness and the void that will be in our daily lives, I'm going to leave you with some wonderful pictures that remind me of the wonderful friendships we have formed. 

An afternoon hiking with our dogs, before the children, although I was pregnant here.

At the hospital holding Ainsley for the first time

Leah's baby shower with Heather

Our original home group right after Ainsley was born and when Leah was still pregnant. 

Ainsley and Logan when Leah and I were childcare swapping.  Kind of funny picture of both Ainsley and Logan!

At Ross and Laura's wedding making fools of ourselves.

An afternoon at the pool

Matching bees at Halloween

Cheering the mommies on at our 5K

The 5K finishers

And tonight at home group. 

Friends like these are hard to find.  We sure will miss you Jason, Leah, and Logan.  We love you so much.

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