Saturday, July 3, 2010

What are you 80?

I have this joke with a bunch of my friends where I ask them if they are 80?  It started when a little girl at church asked me to put something in her pocket book.  I replied "What are you 80?"  It's a great line when people do things or say things that just seem old. 

Today someone needs to throw the line at me.   I made pickles and canned them.

Here's a few pictures from my adventure  (Sorry for the poor quality.  My camera battery was dead and I took them with my iPhone.  And I don't mean the new iPhone.  I don't have mine yet.  But don't worry, it's on order and I have scoured this town looking for one and I'm on the list everywhere.  2 more weeks baby!)

Prepped and ready to go


Finished Product

I haven't tried any yet.  You have to let them sit for 24 hours before you can open them.  I'll be bringing them to a cookout tomorrow.  I'll let you know the verdict.  Stay tuned this summer for my tomato canning adventure.


  1. I'm getting excited about our canning date.

  2. Dibs on at least one pickle!


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