Saturday, May 8, 2010

Big Girl House

Lately I've been feeling like my house isn't a grown up house.  I am not really sure why because we have a lot of nice things.  We just remodeled our kitchen as well. But I go into other people's homes and I feel like our home is inadequate.  I know comparison is a horrible thing and I really shouldn't do it.  If you have any tricks on how not to do it, please let me know.

I think one of the main causes of this feeling for me has been our kitchen table.  We have slowly been ridding our home of our college furniture and I believe with the purchase of a new kitchen table we are finally done.

We have gone from college...

To a temporary stop back in middle school...

To a Big Girl House...

With the transition we are also putting away the high chair.  Just another sign that my baby isn't a baby anymore.  I think a toddler is another sign that I'm a big girl now. 

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