Saturday, April 21, 2012

World Record Holders

You know I love cloth diapers.  I swear by them.  They are better for the environment.  They are better for your baby (NO CHEMICALS!).  They are better for your budget.  And they are just so darn cute!

Today David and I got to participate in a cloth diapering event.  It is called the Great Cloth Diaper Change.  There were over 300 locations around the world that participated.  They set up stations for everyone to change their baby's cloth diaper.  The results would be a World Record of the most cloth diapers changed at one time. 

So at 12:00 today David and I headed down to our local baby boutique and joined 34 other families and changed a cloth diaper. 

It was so fun to be with like minded people.  Enjoying our babies.  And making history.

Bonus...I won the grand prize door prize - a new cloth diaper!  And if you know anything about cloth diapering, you know these things are expensive.  I was psyched to get a free one from my favorite brand - Rump-A-Rooz (RAR)!

And yes, I know I'm a hippy.

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