Tuesday, June 12, 2012

He Understands

As people, we all want to belong.  We want people to like us.  We want to fit in.

Twice in the past week, Ryan has said to me "You know Tracey, not everyone will like you."  My response to him both times was, I don't think you understand.

But he does understands.  We all understand that feeling.  It's human nature to want to everyone to like you all the time. What he was trying to say, was that we cannot let other people's opinions of us define us. Oh how wise you are dear husband. 

Then I got started thinking about Jesus.  He was definitely rejected.  And not by just the masses.  His closest friends rejected him.  His family rejected him.  And the best part about it is that He knew that those friends were going to reject him even before He became their friends.  He knew the hurt they were going to cause him.  And yet, he still called them out of their boats and invited them into relationships with himself.  With great love for his friends and family, he entered Jerusalem on a donkey, knowing that it was going to lead Him to the cross.

Frankly, I have rejected Him too.  I have chosen to purposely sin and spit on the cross on which He died.  For me.  He died for me on that cross.  He died for my sin.  It seems selfish to even say those things.

Practically, how do I move on from hurt?  How do I get past the fact that my feelings have been hurt? 

Today, I do that through repentance.

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