Monday, January 18, 2010


Unless you live in a hole, you know what's going on in Haiti.  Each day I am sucked into watching more coverage on CNN.  It seems like at times I can't turn away and then at times I have to.  It's heart breaking. 

Yet amongst all of the disaster and hurt, there is a common theme of mercy.  People all over the world are sending aid to Haiti.  I don't know why it shocked me that the one of the first countries that I heard to send people there was Israel.  It seemed fitting to me as it reminded me of God's mercy on His people. 

I am also proud to say that my sister Jill, who is an ER nurse, is heading to Haiti as well.  She's going with a group called Hope Force.  She has 2 kids and has a single mother living in her house, yet she is willing to put it all aside to follow God's call on her life to share His mercy in a very practical way.  I am proud.

I don't have the skill set needed in Haiti right now so I am here thinking about mercy in my life.  Our church has a Mercy Ministry conference coming up in February.  They put one of these on every year.  Usually it's a time where a speaker comes in and talks with us about how to share His mercy. 

This year it's different and I couldn't be more excited.  This year we have a speaker on Friday night but Saturday we are going out into the community and serving.  The lists of opportunities include helping serve brunch to a homeless shelter (what our small group is doing), working at the crisis pregnancy center, visiting nursing homes, visiting jails, and the list goes on. 

So as we think about the crisis in Haiti and feel overwhelmed with our feeling of hopelessness, let's remember that there are people right here that need His love too. 


  1. Your posts always challenge and stretch me. Thank you for being an awesome daughter in law/love!

  2. and while the hurt is so horrble there... i know that there will be stories of beautiful hope that spring from this. and i am with you... thinking of all the thousands right here in our own backyard that need us, too...

  3. The stories are heartbreaking and hard to watch. I have found myself avoiding the news just because I don't want to be sucked into the despair. Thank you for sharing this post and reminding me that although I cannot make a difference by going there. I can make a difference by praying here.

  4. Well said. Sometimes it's hard to know where to turn when there is so much heartache all and far away. Truth is we're always supposed to be looking for an opportunity to give and to show matter where it meets us.

  5. so true! Nice to meet you! Found you over at chatting at the sky. I'm now a follower of your blog!


  6. I always think of the old Audio Adrenalin song "Hands and Feet" when I hear of service projects.
    I pray the blessing you give will come back tenfold to you.


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