Wednesday, January 6, 2010

She Doesn't Just Look Like Me

Ainsley is starting to get to the stage in life where she's a literal sponge.  She is starting to repeat words and sayings.  It's pretty cute.

I've recently committed to losing a certain amount of weight before we go on a cruise in March.  We have set up our bonus room to be a kind of workout center.  Ryan bought a bunch of free weights and a bench.  We have cleared the middle of the room for exercising. 

Side note...last night Ryan was lifting to the Rocky soundtrack.  I laughed.

Ok...back to my story.  So last night I was in the bonus room doing lunges and squats.  Next thing I know, I look over and there is my sweet Ainsley doing a squat.  I couldn't believe it.  I quickly called Ryan in.  We were so impressed with her.

It gave me some real food for thought though.  She really wants to do what I do.  She wants to be like me.  I need to model a healthy lifestyle to her.  My weight is no longer my issue.  It's hers too.  If I am constantly talking about how fat I am or how much I don't like my body, she will too.  If I eat junk, she will too.  It doesn't stop there.  If I am not modeling a Christ-centered life, she won't think it's important. 

That's quite a bit of pressure.  But it's good.  I guess it's just one more way that having a child makes me a better person.

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  1. There are so many times when I think, "When I'm a parent, I will NEVER..." or "My kids will always..." I know a lot of my thoughts are idealistic and unrealistic. Reading this post gives me insight into the mind of someone who wants to do it right, who IS doing it right, but who is aware of her human frailty. Great stuff.

    Also, make sure she's putting the weight in her heels when she's squatting. I did some lazy squats this week and my knees are killing me!


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