Monday, January 11, 2010

Here We Go Again

I am like most people this time of year.  I am on a diet.  I am still holding pregnancy weight and I was just not in a good place with my relationship with food. 

I have dieted before so I know how to do it.  When we lived in NY we didn't have many friends so I got fat because I was depressed.  Then I took a look in the mirror and didn't like what I saw so I went on a diet.  Again the not many friends thing worked to my advantage.  I had time to do things like go to Weight Watchers meetings and run 5 miles a day.  So I went from fat to really really skinny.  Like someone should have told me skinny. 

And then we moved back here and got plugged into a great church.  I met alot of wonderful people and have made some life long friends.  And with happiness comes food and no time to exercise.  So I started to let weight slowly come back on. 

Then I got pregnant and used it as the excuse to eat whatever I wanted.  Taco Bell and I were friends.  Then I had this sweet baby and I didn't care anymore.  Then I cared but I still liked Taco Bell so I really didn't care. 

That brings me to now.  I have set a reachable goal.  I want to lose X pounds in 8 weeks.  (Ok, I'm being honest but some things are better left to ourselves).  You see, we go on a cruise in 8 weeks.  And it's not just a cruise that Ryan and I are going on by ourselves because if it were I would be tempted to show up fat in a bathing suit.  It's a cruise with 5 couples from his work.  You see my husband rocks and qualified for the trip. 

So there is the current motivation but it goes beyond that.  I don't want to live this life of up and down all the time.  As I am losing weight I want to really focus on my emotional reasons of why I eat.  If only I could call in Jillian Michaels to be my personal trainer/emotional guide through weight loss.  And I put this all down in words so that I could be more like my friend Joy who says that it there is power in saying something outloud.

So there I said it.  Any words of encouragement?


  1. Great Post! I know you can do it too! Do you want me to be your accountability coach? I can totally do it.

  2. You can do this girl! I believe in you! Want a good plan to follow, that doesn't have you counting anything? Read Joy Bauer's LIFE Diet book. Super easy plan. I dropped 9 pounds in about 2 and a half weeks. Then Christmas got me, but I managed to keep off 5 of them over the holidays! Take your emotions to the Lord. Have a game plan on a card that you can see reminding yourself why you are doing this, and that the Lord wants to help you and He can. Brownies can't. Keep us posted!

  3. Yay for saying things aloud! Given our constant off-task conversation during tonight's meeting, I think it's important we get together for running, coffee, something....soon. I can say out loud my recent struggles with my X number of pounds and the green-eyed monster and, hopefully, encourage you!

  4. Jillian will kick your butt. I'm pretty sure that's the only thing I consistently did last spring. 20 minutes and butt kicked.

  5. "Then I cared but I still liked Taco Bell so I really didn't care." I literally laughed out loud, because it reminds me of me and McDonald's. Good for you for getting in shape hun!


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