Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moving On

Today I spent some time helping Ryan's grandmother pack up her apartment.  We are moving her to the next level of care, assisted living.  I volunteered to help pack some stuff because it's one of those random skills that I have in life.  I pretty much can pack anything, be it a car, a box, a house.  You name it and I can pack it.

It's hard to put a lifetime of stuff in a few boxes. It's hard to fit all the love and memories of our earthly treasures into a one bedroom apartment.  While this is the right thing to do for her, it's hard to watch as she sees all of her stuff being packed and put away. 

This got me to thinking. What will I have at 90?  What will Ainsley be packing up of mine?  What will she be saying "This is so 2010"?  What will I value and not want to part from? 

But then I thought, this next phase of Grandma's life brings her one step closer to heaven.  We don't know when that will happen, but more than likely it will be sooner rather than later.  But what we do know is that she will be spending eternity with Our Creator.  And He will have lots of stuff for her.  He will have the beautiful flowers that she loves.  He will have Norman Rockwell paintings.  He will have tons of frog trinkets.  He will have everything that she loves.

And that's what I want too.  A God who knows me and is able to give me exactly my perfect eternity. 

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