Monday, April 12, 2010

Is it Really About Me

I have been upset for years.  Years.  Our church has a Women's ministry board and I have never been asked to be on it.  And I have been upset about it for years.  I have vented to my husband.  I have vented to my friends.  Why don't they value me as a possible contributor?  Don't they see my awesome skills?  Am I just not cool enough to be on their stupid board?  Bitter much?

Then on Saturday night, I was reading my friend Joy's blog.  She wrote about the new team of women who are forming for the purpose of Women's Ministry at our new church plant.  Again, upset.  Why wouldn't Joy ask me to be involved?  What's wrong with me?  I thought Joy was my friend.

And then I had a vague recollection of an announcement in the bulletin that if anyone was insterested they should volunteer.

And there in that recollection, it hit me smack in the face.  Ministry isn't about people seeking me out.  It's not about my feelings.  It's not about people thinking I would be good at something.  It's about serving.  Not being served.  It's about sharing Jesus with others. 

Hello Sin.  Thanks for revealing your ugly head in my life again.  Now excuse me while I go repent.

So I have spoken with Joy and I'm really excited to be serving on the new team.  I can't wait to use the gifts that God has given me to minister to others.  And I can't tell you how freeing it's been to realize this sin and move on from it.

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  1. Tracey, I love your honesty and example of acknowleging sin, repenting, and leaving it behind. Very encouraging! I'm sure you will be a great asset to the women! Have fun serving!



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