Sunday, May 2, 2010

What Happened to April

I read a couple of blogs that do lists of the good things that happened each day of the month.  I find them entirely interesting and wondered if I could come up with a good thing every day during the month.  It seems so often we dwell on the negatives so I wanted to try and focus on the positives. 

I'm really glad I took the time to write all this down.  It is a great reminder of all the wonderful things that happened this month; some big, some small.  I'm especially greatful as I sit here on a Sunday afternoon while Ryan is visiting his grandmother who was rushed to the hospital this morning with congestive heart failure.  It's a nice distraction.

1 - Mom and Dad arrive for a weekend visit.

2 - Dinner at Ryan's Dad's house with his family and my parents. Good food, good wine, good times
3 - Trip to the NC zoo. Loved the giraffes the most
4 - He is Risen! Hosted Brunch with both of our families. A new tradition
5 - AC broken at work…burned extra calories while I worked
6 - Melissa kicked off the Biggest Loser AGAIN. Yea!
7 - First Pee Pee in the potty for Ainsley.
8 - Afternoon coffee as the temperature dropped
9 - Had wonderful friends over for a wonderful evening filled with much happiness
10 - Bought some new flowers for my front porch after having skipped it last year
11 - Great run through the woods by myself with just my headphones on
12 - Shopped for a kitchen table. Ideas begin to flow of what I want. Made a new soup recipe for dinner. Yum
13 - Led a training session at work. Nobody complained about change.
14 - Good run on a cooler day.
15 - Went to the Tea Party downtown with Ryan and Ainsley. I love instilling values in our youth
16 - Had a play date with Logan. Only one minor incident with no major injuries
17 - Picked out a great table for our kitchen at Furniture Market
18 - Went to see my friends' new house and let my creative decorating juices flow for them
19 - Enjoyed a nice glass of wine after a busy day
20 - Enjoyed another episode of Biggest Loser. That show makes me smile, especially since Michael looks more and more like Luigi every week.
21 - Great run while my neighbor watched Ainsley. Planted the remainder of the garden
22 - Survived my first puke incident as a mother. For anyone who knows me that's a major accomplishment
23 - Drove to DC to spend the weekend with my oldest friend Kate and her husband
24 - Saw many of the sights of DC including the White House and many of the monuments on the Mall
25 - Sara Groves concert at church. Awesome! Ran into old friends from college who we haven't seen in a really long time
26 - 7 Orders to run for Renewed Health Supply. Thankful to have a home based business that's still growing after 12 years.
27 - Received the best compliment from my husband. How my soul is filled
28 - Rid my house of the last remaining college furniture, my kitchen table. The new one should be here within a week.
29 - Met the last of Anne's 4 children . Anne's family has become my family. I love having someone take care of my child that is family.
30 - Dug up the dirt and grass around my mailbox and planted some beautiful flowers. Such a welcome as I drive up to my house (probably not the best 5K prep but that's another post altogether)

I encourage you to take the 2 minutes everyday to write down the positives.  It's a great exercise and a really fun way to remember the month after it has flown by.  Expect more of these in the future.  

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