Friday, October 22, 2010

My Kitchen is Filled

When I got married I was 22.  I had lived in a dorm room or an apartment by myself since I had left for college.  I didn't cook and I didn't bake.  When I registered my mother almost had a heart attack.  My registry was horrible.  My mom tried to convince me to put more things on it and that indeed I would want these things later in life.  I didn't agree so I didn't change it. 

Each year after that my mom would give me things for my kitchen.  I didn't use them so I donated a bunch of them each time we moved (which was 4 times in 6 years).

Then I started cooking.  And baking.  And we started the tradition of our Christmas party.  And I didn't have anything.  Regret set in big time.  So I've slowly been accumulating some but my kitchen has been lacking.  My mother has given me things for Christmas and birthdays and I haven't donated them (and she never once has said I told you so because she is so full of grace).

And then recently my friend Joy started selling Pampered Chef.  After going to a few parties, I decided to host a show.  And we all know that I'm an over-achiever and a tad competitive.  So I decided to really go for it.  I have to say that it wasn't hard at all. 

The order came in today.  This is all stuff for everyone else.  It's over $900 worth of stuff. 

And here is my stuff (with the exception of 1 gift that I purchased).  I got $434 worth of stuff for $100!  And I feel like my kitchen is mostly filled.  I'm always up for cool kitchen stuff and what an easy way to get a ton of stuff for free and super cheap. 

I can't wait to cook dinner tonight!

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  1. I love it! Thanks for the shout-out. You were/are an A-list host!


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