Saturday, October 2, 2010

Seasons Change

The seasons are changing.  The heat of the summer is past and the crisp fall air has arrived. 

This summer my goal was to store the fresh life of summer in all the ways that I could so that we could enjoy it into the fall and winter.  I've canned tomatoes.  I've made pickles.  I've frozen pesto.  And today I took the remnants of the garden and made 6 quarts of vegetable broth to freeze. 

And now it's time to rest and reset before the harshness of winter comes in.  Even our chickens are taking a break.  They are in molting, a process where they shed their feathers, stop laying eggs, and start a new. 

Most of my friends and family spend the early parts of fall decorating their homes with the oranges and yellows that make up the colors of fall.  I don't do this.  Part of the reason is I just don't like orange.  But there is a bigger reason.  I need some time to breath.

And this fall it seems especially appropriate.  I have a lot going on in my head right now.  There is anxiety and fear.  I've been distracted from things that are really important. 

So I'm excited to just relax and enjoy the next few months.  To take in the colors that God gives us.  To take in the nourishment of the seasons past.  To enjoy the blessings of today.

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