Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Hate Rodents

You all know we have chickens.  I'm not a huge fan of animals that flap but these 3 have grown on me.

What you may not know is that I don't like small animals.  Ferrets, hampsters, guinea pigs, mice are all on my list.  I hate them.  Nasty. 

Today I was outside giving the dogs a bath and Ryan asked me to feed the chickens and check for eggs.  I opened up the door and I saw a fluffy rodent and screamed and ran like a little girl.

(Sorry it's in black and white.  I was working on portraits of Ainsley)

I asked Ryan to kill it but since it was only a "baby" he couldn't.  So he hit it with the hose.

It ran away too slowly if you ask me.

And climbed the fence.

And walked the fence for what felt like forever.

And then it went home to tell it's mother where to find fresh chicken meat.  I hope we don't regret the decision to spray it away later.  I know Amy Jo, Sadie May, and Peggy Sue hope so too.


  1. HA! the chickens were here all the time :) i didn't know. whoa, that thing is creepy, and not acting scared enough of y'all. he'll definitely be back for nuggets.

  2. People who hate small animals are ignorant. Besides, ferrets are not rodents. You hate all the cutest animals in the world.


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