Monday, January 3, 2011

Meet Me in Mexico

I am so proud of my husband.  He qualified for his company trip again this year.  If you remember, last year we went on a cruise.  It was so fun and I so enjoyed getting to spend time with his fabulous coworkers.  I have to say that Jody, Caroline, Mindy and I had a blast.  Oh the husbands did too but who is kidding who.  Girls know how to have fun and I loved hanging out with these women. 

This year we are going to Mexico.  I can't wait.  Last year we ended up on spring break (aka..SB O 10)  This year will be a much quieter trip on the beach.  And we have more people going this year too which should make it more fun.

And this year it's at an all inclusive spa and resort.  I'm not usually a spa kind of girl but after the year I've had, I'm ready for some pampering.

So I am prepping for my trip.  Last year I went on a diet.  And I was successful.  I had a plan and I lost the weight. 

And this year I just am not in the mood to lose weight.  I have some to lose.  But in light of the past few months, I'm going to offer myself some grace and skip the diet this year. 

So I'm prepping in a different way.  I told you that the trip is all inclusive.  So I'm in training of a different sort.  Having recently been pregnant, my wine tolerance is very low. 


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