Monday, August 2, 2010

July Has Gone and Left Good Memories

I don't have the discipline to do it every month, but this month I kept track of my good things each day. 
In the midst of some crazy and sad things, it's a nice reminder to see how blessed I am.

So here goes...

1 Accomplished much at work

2 Hung out with Laura at the children's museum and loved the new edible landscapes

3 Made pickles

4 Hung out with friends at Joy's house for a fun 4th celebration

5 Made good strides with the potty training

6 My little girl danced her way into toddlerhood

7 Good time sitting around the table at my nanny's house when I picked Ainsley up.

8 Big Brother starts. Ahh reality smut.

9 Met with a friend to learn more about search engine optimization. Here's hoping Renewed Health Supply takes off

10 Going away party for our wonderful friends. Blessed to know them

11 Last home group with said friends. Bittersweet. So excited for them but sad for the void they will leave

12 New iPhone delivered. At last!

13 First workout in forever.

14 Still loving the new phone. How was I living before?

15 Baseball with Ryan's coworkers

16 Baseball with my coworkers - a tad much baseball for one weekend but the people were so fun.

17 My BFF's birthday

18 Lively homegroup discussion about the gospel

19 The drama of the Tour De France is almost too much to handle

20 Sweet voicemail from my sweet 2 year old.

21 First accident free day

22 Ahhh Thursday night.

23 Lonnie's birthday party with friends

24 Reunion with friends from days gone by

25 Ainsley loved the pool more than anything I've ever seen before

26 Much accomplished at work

27 Made major progress in Operation Change the Guest Bedroom into Ainsley's Big Girl Room

28 Watched Joy make a trifle that was so pretty and didn't have any meat in it

29 Best Eviction speech ever by a Big Brother houseguest. Miss you Captain Kosher

30 Finished Ainsley's furniture with Anne

31 Canned 40 lbs of tomatoes with Laura. Wow that was a lot of work.

And with that, another month has passed...


  1. Awesome! I got a shout-out!

    Did the trifle have peas and onions? :) Loved that show.

  2. I was checking in on a blog I like to read this morning and it was about canning. She asked the question at the end, "What kind of music do you listen to while canning?" Lots of fun responses. check it out -


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