Friday, September 12, 2008

Buried in Baby Clothes

I spent the day the other day organizing baby clothes. My sisters, Jill and Wendy, have sent me all of their hand me downs. My sister Jill has a daughter, Riley - aged 2 1/2, and my sister Wendy has 2 girls, Paige - aged 3 1/2 and Ali - aged 1. They have boys too but are just sending me girl clothes! So every couple months I get a box from Wendy of clothes for Ainsley. In the boxes are the cutest clothes I have ever seen. Both my sisters have great taste.

So this is what my family room looked like the other day. And this only goes up to 6-9 months. I have 2 more boxes of 6-9 months as well.

I got to use my label maker too :)

And here is just one of the outfits from the box. Isn't she cute? Check out her shoes!

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