Friday, September 19, 2008


We went to the doctor today and Ainsley had her test. She was a trooper (as good as a 10 week old can be). They ended up having to catheterize her 3 times. She peed out the first one. The second one wasn't quite right. The third one was just right. She cried through most of the procedure. She was extremely tired to begin with since she didn't nap well this morning. We finished up there and headed to the doctor's office.

At the doctor, we met our uroligist. He informed us that she does have the reflux on the left side. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the worst) she has a 2. She has an 80% chance of growing out of it by the time she turns 5. The treatment as of right now is low grade antibiotics everyday to prevent any infections. A single infection can cause 20% kidney damage so we want to avoid that.

So after feeling much guilt and pity, I am moving on. This is part of our lives now (as I always assumed it would be). We will test it yearly and continue to trust in the Great Physician for healing.

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  1. Checked back here to see an update. i suppose it could have been a lot worse, right? Good for you for accepting it as part of life and moving on. I'm glad that part is over, as I'm sure are you.


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