Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why I Don't Like Church Right Now

Ainsley is now 10 weeks old and I have decided that I don't like church with her at this age. I can't wait until she can go into the nursery. Ryan and I have decided to keep her out of the nursery until her immune system gets alittle stronger. Every time we go in there, there is a kid with a snotty nose running around touching everything.

The past few times we have been to church I have used our Moby wrap to strap her to me. She usually falls asleep and I get to hear at least a bit of the sermon. The problem is, its so hot to have her strapped to you for over an hour. Last time I used it for church, she totally pooped on me too.

So today we headed off to church. I dressed Ainsley in a cute white and yellow outfit with Mary Jane shoes. On the way there, we were sent on a traffic detour that brought us to no where. We had to back track and go another way. We were late which always makes me mad. By the time we got to church, the shoes wouldn't stay on so I left them in the car. So much for that. We went right to the cry room so that I could feed her and hopefully rock her to sleep. Worship was already over because we were late. I sat down to feed her and I noticed the sound wasn't on in the cry room. I got Ryan to come in there so I could send him up to the sound booth to fix it. Apparently they couldn't figure it out. So much for sound. So now I can see people standing at the front of the church talking but can't hear what they are saying. I finished feeding her and rocked her for a bit. She was quiet but awake so I tried to go out and sit next to Ryan. It lasted about 2 minutes. Back to the cry room. More rocking. Back to quiet. Back next to Ryan. She started fussing. Back to the cry room. More rocking. Back to quiet. Back next to Ryan. She started fussing. We did this a couple times and I finally gave up. I went to the nursery changed her diaper. Rocked her a bit. As I got up to leave and try again, the closing hymn started.

I left church in tears.


  1. It will pass, I promise! Sometimes they just have bad days. Which usually leave us in tears right along with them. Does she sleep in her car seat? If so, could you feed her and then load her up and let her fall asleep on the way to church? By the way, what chuch are you and Ryan going to?

  2. She doesn't sleep in her car seat unless the car is moving. We are going to Friendly Hills Church, PCA in Jamestown.

  3. It IS just a season as hard as that is to believe. I remember thinking that too when Wesley was little and I was nursing. I don't think I heard a sermon his first 3-4 months.


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